606. Quilt Garden

<p><b>About this site:</b></p><p>Ruthmere's 2016 Quilt Garden is entitled Crossed Canoes.  This 1895 Crossed Canoes design relates perfectly to Ruthmere Campus on a number of fronts.</p><p>First, the canoe was a principal means of transport for Native Americans and early American settlers and represents a common need among all people for viable transportation in a wilderness.  Chief Pierre Moran's and Dr. Havilah Beardsley's "crossed" in a positive way many times throughout their lives--a distinction of the Elkhart community that is a matter of civic pride. Elkhart is a place that respects all cultures and works together vigorously for the common good. Learn more about this story at the Havilah Beardsley House, located at 102 West Beardsley Ave.</p><p>Second, the owner and builders of Ruthmere Albert and Elizabeth Beardsley located their beautiful home opposite the confluence of the Elkhart and St. Joseph rivers to acknowledge this natural intersection of historic trade an commerce from generations before--a place that would have witnesses many canoe crossings. The name "Ruthmere" literally means "Ruth by the water," an homage to their only child Ruth who died in infancy and the natural geography of the setting.</p><p>Last, the Ruthmere Campus property Creek House Center, located at 920 Grove St., rests on nearly 2 acres of picturesque land nestled along historic Christiana Creek. Creek House Center is available for public use for overnight lodging or for small social gatherings. With a great resurgence of Christiana Creek as a recreational "Blueway" for canoe and kayak enthusiasts, Creek House makes for the perfect lodging site for a modern day exploration of Elkhart's waters.   </p><p>More information on Havilah Beardsley House, Ruthmere and Creek House Center can be found at <a href="#" rel="external">www.Ruthmere.org</a></p><p>Be sure to stop by Antiques on Beardsley at 816 West Beardsley Avenue, in the historical district of downtown Elkhart, where you’ll find a wonderful selection of antiques, uniques, and deals galore! It’s where the dealers shop! Open Tuesdays-Fridays, 11-6; Saturdays, 10-6; and Sundays, 12-5. Closed Mondays. Look for the red awning. Antiques on Beardsley … we’ve got your memories!</p>