705. Buescher Company

<div><b>About this site:</b></div><p> Tour stop number 705 is Buescher Company, located at 1100 West Beardsley Avenue. The company was one of the many offshoot instrument companies to be started by previous Conn employees. Ferdinand August Buescher, one of Conn’s first employees, had ideas of having his own company after seeing the success of Charles Gerard Conn. He founded the Buescher Company in 1895, and it became the second company to be established in the musical instrument industry of Elkhart. Buescher specialized in band instruments such as horns. In 1908, Miles executive Andrew Hubble Beardsley saved the company after being hit hard by a disastrous bank crash. Beardsley eventually became the president of the company in 1919, while Buescher stayed on as the vice-president of the company until 1929. Buescher Company remained at this site until 1963 when the company eventually sold to Selmer. </p><div>Your next stop on the tour is number 706, the E.K. Blessing Company, located at 1301 Beardsley. From Buescher, continue west on Beardsley to 1301. Located on the south side of the street is the Blessing Company.</div>