707. Babbitt Brothers Company

<div><b>About this site:</b></div><p>Tour stop number 707 is Babbitt Company, located at 1505 Beardsley Avenue. The Babbitt Brother’s Jesse, Marvin, and Rolla Babbitt founded the company in 1922. Originally from Allegan, Michigan, Jesse first moved to Elkhart in 1911 working as a toolmaker. Marvin and Rolla heard of their brother’s success as a toolmaker and soon followed Jesse to Elkhart. Upon learning about the success of the musical industry here, Jesse and Marvin started the Babbitt Brother’s company. At first, Marvin and Rolla worked outside the company as machinists to help support the company’s efforts and modest beginnings. The success of Babbitt Brothers became evident by 1922, when the three brothers fully employed themselves in the company. The Babbitt Brothers’ company came to be the largest manufacturer of clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces in the world. </p><div>This concludes the Elkhart Band Instrument Industrial tour. </div>