800. Turnock's Ruthmere

<div><b>About this site:</b></div><p> Tour stop number 800 is Ruthmere Museum, located at 302 East Beardsley Avenue. Ruthmere, built between 1908 and 1910, combines the formality of Beaux-Arts style with the functional elements of Midwest Prairie School architecture. Turnock used American building materials when at all possible, utilizing Indiana limestone and Beldon brick. One of the unique features of Ruthmere is the conservatory, which is connected to the house by the porte-cochere and an underground walkway.  </p><div>Your next tour stop is stop number 801, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church located at 405 W. Beardsley Ave. From Ruthmere Museum, travel west on Beardsley Avenue, following along the St. Joseph River. Crossing over North Main Street, follow Beardsley to Edwardsburg Avenue, where St. Paul’s Church is located at the southwest block of the intersection.</div>