802. Beardsley Memorial Architecture

<div><b>About this site:</b></div><p> Tour stop number 802 is the Beardsley Memorial, located at the point of the intersection of Beardsley and Riverside Avenue. The Memorial was commissioned by Albert Beardsley in 1914 to honor his late uncle, Dr. Havilah Beardsley, founder of the city of Elkhart. E. Hill Turnock designed the memorial near the site of Havilah’s original mills on the St. Joseph River. The main figure and tablet were sculpted from bronze, while the base and foundation is Georgian marble. More information on the monument and the Historic District can be found at tour stop 630. </p><div>Your next tour stop is number 803, the Harter House, located at 760 Riverside Avenue. From the Beardsley Memorial, simply turn to the south to view the Harter House.</div>